Why Cafes in Dubai should start using a Restaurant Software

If you own a café or other restaurant in Dubai, then you know that the best way to grow your business is to become more efficient. This is why we have designed a reliable, efficient, and affordable restaurant software Dubai for café owners. 


The restaurant software is equipped with useful and advanced features, which enables you to manage orders, track employee register and payroll system in under 5 minutes, and more.

What You Should Know About Dubai's EBR Restaurant Software

Here are some of the essential points of the benefits of having Restaurant Software in Cafes in Dubai.

It is important to understand that our restaurant software for café owners is not just about the accounting. But, it is about the growth and development of your business.


If you are looking for a restaurant software for café owners that will help you grow your business, save money and time, then EBR Restaurant Software for Café Owners is the solution for you.


The benefits of having restaurant software in cafes in Dubai includes:


  • It helps to manage all aspects of the business from accounting to planning and scheduling.
  • The system has all the tools needed to keep track of inventory levels and prices on menus or specials.


In addition to that, such a software will make it easy to track sales figures over time so that managers can see what works best with different demographics in their area or across multiple locations (if they have multiple locations). 


This way they can make changes based on customer feedback instead of guessing what will work best based on previous data points alone. This might often lead people down paths that don’t end up being profitable at all!

What Are the Benefits of Having Restaurant Software in Cafes in Dubai?

While there are many benefits to having a restaurant software for cafe owners, the most important one is that it provides a single point of view on all aspects of your business. With this in mind, you will be able to 


  • Track sales, expenses and inventory
  • Create an employee register and payroll system
  • Manage orders, orders history, customers and payments all on one screen and even more!

Track Your Day-To-Day Sales and Expenses From the App

The software will help you track your day-to-day sales and expenses from the restaurant. You can also manage inventory, orders, and payments from the app. It has an integrated CRM system that allows you to manage staff attendance records as well as their performance metrics like productivity rate.

Create an Employee Register and Payroll System in Under 5 Minutes

A lot of businesses have a problem with employee registers and payroll systems. They’re complicated, time-consuming, and they require an in-depth knowledge of accounting software. However, with Restaurant Software for Cafe you can create an employee register within 5 minutes!

Manage Orders, Orders History, Customers and Payments All on One Screen

The benefits of having restaurant software in cafes in Dubai


  • Manage orders, orders history, customers and payments all on one screen.
  • Use the software to manage inventory and order supplies.

Generate reports with statistical data at a click of a button

Reports are a great way to track your progress. You can generate reports on demand or scheduled, and they can be exported as PDF, Excel or CSV files. Reports can also be emailed to customers and vendors.


You can use these reports for marketing purposes by sending them out monthly or quarterly with your business cards.

Restaurant software for café owners will help you grow your café business

The main benefit of using restaurant software is that it lets you manage all aspects of your business in one place, including sales, expenses, and payroll. This means that you are able to track your progress more effectively than if each aspect was handled separately. You can also use the system to generate reports with statistical data so that you can see how well your business is doing at any given time.


A restaurant software for café owners is a must-have for any successful business. It can help you keep track of your finances in real time and give you insights on how to improve your business. Contact us, one of the best ERP software development company in Dubai, to build a custom restaurant software tailored for your business.