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Restaurant POS Software Dubai

Restaurant POS Software Dubai

Everything You Need to Know About EBR Restaurant POS Software Dubai

Customers visit a restaurant not just for the food. In fact, they invest their time and money to enjoy a fine dining experience. If you run a restaurant business, you may wonder how to efficiently meet the needs of different types of customers. This is where our restaurant POS software Dubai comes into play.


An intelligent POS exclusively designed and developed for a restaurant business can help in multiple ways. EBR POS is a robust software solution and has several modules such as ordering, billing, reports, inventory management, feedbacks, and menu recording.


Any restaurant business in Dubai can integrate our restaurant POS software Dubai  to seamlessly and efficiently run operations. If you have multiple locations/ branches of your restaurant business, integrating and managing them all in this software is easy.


From menu handling and billing to inventory management, our Restaurant POS System does everything intelligently. Sending food orders directly to the kitchen display system (KDS), easy table management, and serving customers with a remarkable dining experience is now easy with our software solution!

EBR Restaurant Software Dubai Features

Check inventory in real time to plan purchase and track wastage.

Identify the worst and best selling items from a realistic restaurant price menu.

A visually stunning digital menu to engage customers.

Store customer details and identify them easily when they call you again for new orders.

Monitor attendance, track performance, define security level, schedule employee timings, and manage payroll with ease.

Streamline  communication between kitchen and waiters by directly sending customer orders, which in turn makes them accurate and efficient.


Make sure  employees are available during crucial business hours. Manage employee work scheduling and timing across different locations with one single dashboard.


Manage all digital expenses. Say goodbye to Excel spreadsheets and papers! EBR makes it easy for you to track of all the company expenses.


AI-enabled self-service desk to ensure that complaints will never be left unheard. Employees can raise tickets directly from the platform. 

Our intuitive restaurant POS software Dubai can lead your business to success – and most importantly, some happy customers! Choose from our traditional, cloud POS, or our mobile/ tablet POS based on your restaurant size and needs. Our team of experts will show you how each feature in our Restaurant POS System can help you run your business seamlessly.

Focus on what you love, on your business!

EBR Restaurant POS software is an all-in-one transparent, efficient, and interactive solution that you will ever need to grow your business. With automated tools, all time-consuming operations in your restaurant business can be done in just a few clicks. 


This saves your manager and staff plenty of time, which allows them to focus on the core aspects of your business – to serve good food and experience to your customers. EBR works both online and offline (data will be backed up in the cloud once the internet comes back in the device, which runs the EBR).

Smooth 24/7 Client Support

Getting acquainted with a new software always takes time and effort. And that is why our team developed a solution that not only takes care of your business but also takes away your stress! We also offer customer care service, which will be active 24*7.

Send Order Directly To Kitchen

There is no chance for any kind of miscommunications between the order desks to kitchen because they are connected through our solution. You will be able to send orders from the EBR POS solution to the Kitchen Display System or KDS in real-time. The waiter does not have to manually go and ask the kitchen staff about the order progress, as the solution guarantees two-way communication!

Table Management

The table management feature of EBR enables staff to effectively manage tables with the help of the visual table management system. Reserving a table in advance is a no-confusion affair when using our  restaurant POS software Dubai. Our solution comes with a ‘Table status’ feature that update you on the table status and services on each and every each table. In the case of emergencies, notification will be issued.

Wireless Order Taking With Android POS

Access our restaurant POS system with tablets, smartphones, and computers. Users can customize their order, accept payment, and raise a bill at the table itself. This ensures a great dining experience.

KDS ensures that the kitchen staff will receive the exact order and notifications for  upcoming orders directly on the screen in the kitchen. If it is a big kitchen, then consider deploying multiple KDS. KDS will allocate orders smartly to respective food preparation stations. Special food requests and important requests will be displayed directly to the chef.

Loyalty Programs

Create promotions and discounts like dinner deals, happy hour, and loyalty points for customers. EBR will automatically apply  deals to the menu orders/transactions. Several factors such as day, place, time, and number of units ordered will determine the price of the menu. You can also charge differently for orders based on the above-listed factors.

EBR Restaurant POS Software enables management to make adjustments to work hours, restaurant staff roles, and a lot more. You can assign separate user logins to each staff to get a clear idea on who performs better. Our restaurant POS Software Dubai also comes with a feature for tracking staff meals.

Your Restaurant POS system journey starts with us!

Centralizing and managing all your data seamlessly is what makes it easy for any enterprise  to run smoothly. ERP, hence, is vital for any business – regardless of its size, customer demographics, and industry. Businesses that are using an ERP as a core part of business strategy are sure to succeed, as managing the business becomes simpler and effortless.

You get:

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    It’s quite normal to have concerns and doubts regarding a new software solution. Our restaurant POS software is an intelligent solution developed to ease the tasks and services of any restaurant.


    Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers regarding our restaurant POS software Dubai. Feel free to get in touch with us via email or phone if you need more clarifications!

    Yes. You will be able to install our EBR Restaurant Software Dubai mobile app on iPad or tablet and then directly take orders from it.

    Yes. You will be able to easily sign in with the help of your mobile web browser anytime and from anywhere to get detailed sales reports.

    Yes. EBR restaurant software Dubai system is capable of supporting multiple payment methods such as debit, cards, cash, & more. 

    Yes, EBR does offer customer loyalty programs that you can enable based on your requirements.

    EBR does have certain specifications to ensure the smooth running of our restaurant POS system. If the hardware configurations match, then you can use your own hardware.

    Yes. When you are ordering food from Talabat or UberEATS,  you will be able to find it under the vendor’s section. You can also get detailed reports everyday.

    Yes. EBR has come up with a customized format that will allow customers to import menu to the Restaurant POS system. 

    Yes. We have included this feature because some bakeries may need this.

    EBR Software in Dubai can be implemented easily. In fact, it can be installed in less than two days after client confirmation.