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ERP is vital to any business – regardless of its size, customer demographics, industry and the likes. It will only do good to any business to have ERP as a core part of business strategy as managing the business becomes seamless. This is where our construction ERP software In Dubai comes into play.


For a vast and important vertical such as construction, there are lots of management processes such as HR, finances, transportation, back-office etc. On top of these, there comes physical tasks such as managing tools and equipment. Initial and continued success of your construction business will rely heavily on how well you automate and manage these processes. It is, therefore, crucial to have ERP integrated to your construction enterprise.


EBR, our custom-developed ERP solution is one of the best ERP for construction business in Dubai. Built by a team of experts who research and study the nuances in construction industry, EBR will be a boon to your enterprise, and will result in increased efficiency and profitability. Processes such as cost calculation, project tracking, purchase orders and schedules, and all other important ones can be synchronized and managed effectively. Finance and managing accounts can be of different types in a construction industry. This is also well taken care of in EBR. ie; the whole construction process can be managed intelligently with the construction ERP software In Dubai 

Intelligent ERP for Construction Business in UAE - Key Features

For a construction enterprise in UAE, proving themselves how effectively they are using their materials is quite important. EBR construction ERP software In Dubai helps you in proper project planning, streamlining management, estimation of cost and revenue, managing information exchange, and making better decisions. In short, better, streamlined management.


Our ERP lets you focus on your enterprise, and how good you are doing. Forget about manual entering of data in spreadsheets – EBR will not only ease this, but will also save a good percentage of your IT costs!

Key Features



Financial Accounting


Experience smart solutions with construction-focussed ERP

Islands of information in a construction business often tend to go on their own ways. Business processes like accounting, estimates, cost calculation, equipment and tools management, CRM are some of the many islands an enterprise will need to look at for efficient management, but most often these are managed either manually or with Excel spreadsheets. An efficient ERP will centralize all the information in your construction enterprise, end-to-end. This results in a more streamlined view of information, and the business can finally use their valuable time in focussing on their business.


Integrating with EBR ERP brings to you a lot of advantages. You have all the information and data, and can fetch them whenever you need it. Since EBR is custom-made, you can even have the reports you need at your fingertips.

EBR ERP Software Implementation Strategy & Support Methodologies

ERP Consulting

It is quite normal to have concerns regarding why, how and when to integrate ERP software in your trading enterprise. We have been assisting SMEs in UAE to make apt decisions for themselves, and run seamlessly by offering them a secure and reliable cloud ERP solution. We help our clients to achieve goals with a goal-oriented custom strategy.

ERP Implementation

We custom-develop ERP solutions for our clients. Implementing an ERP for any enterprise is carried out after a thorough understanding of their business structure. The processes are hence well-structured. We focus on fueling enterprise business growth.

Training & Support

Becoming acquainted with anything new takes time. Keeping that in mind, we make sure we give proper training to our client’s team on how to go about EBR ERP. This is where our understanding of client’s business structure comes in handy.Our team knows all possible scenarios a trading business might face, and the training and support is given based on the same.

ERP Maintenance

ERP is updated and maintained regularly. This, with our team making periodic site evaluations and online support to make sure that your system is working perfectly. We stand by the client in improving the system usage by making necessary updations. Training is provided when we add new features to the software.

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Centralising and managing all your data seamlessly is what makes it easy for your enterprise.

Our construction ERP software In Dubai , hence, is vital to any business – regardless of its size, customer demographics, industry and the likes. It will only do good to any business to have ERP as a core part of business strategy as managing the business becomes flawless.

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