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Inventory Management Software Dubai

Inventory Management Software Dubai

EBR Inventory Management Software Dubai

Inventory management is crucial for any business. Small, mid-sized, and large companies deal with a directory of items that are of utmost importance to their business. Managing this inventory in an efficient and intelligent way solves most of the problems they deal with on a daily basis. This is where our reliable and efficient inventory management software Dubai comes into the picture.


Our EBR Inventory management software Dubai is a complete solution to track and manage all your inventory across different warehouses. Our inventory ERP software Dubai is something your enterprise should consider investing in if you want to run your business smoothly and efficiently.


The custom-made EBR Inventory Software UAE can be your teammate when it comes to ensuring you have the right items and the right amount of them at disposal. Stock status, timely update on low stock, purchase orders, and more can be fetched through our inventory management software Dubai with minimal or no effort.

It makes total  sense to integrate any management tool in the operations only if the tool is easy to use and adds to the productivity. Business owners, managers, and staff can easily access the Inventory Software UAE to perform daily and crucial managerial tasks and customer relation activities that include easy access, easy data sharing, customer profiling, marketing, and many more.


For manufacturing enterprises or any business that deals with huge inventory in UAE, integrating a smart ERP software solution can be a blessing to business owners, managers, and employees. Getting to know accurate inventory status at any time will efficiently improve the business.


By partnering with our inventory management software Dubai, you will receive help when it comes to proper planning, management, and more. EBR is synonymous with easy access, data sharing, inventory reports, and more.


Our ERP lets you focus on your enterprise, and how good you are doing. Forget about manual entering of data in spreadsheets – EBR Inventory Software UAE will not only ease this, but will also save a good percentage of your IT costs!

The massive collection of data in any business often tends to go on their own ways. Most often, these data are managed either manually or with Excel spreadsheets. An efficient ERP will centralize all the information in your enterprise, end-to-end. This results in a more streamlined view of information, which will help businesses to make better and informed decisions.


Integrating with EBR Inventory management software Dubai helps you enjoy a lot of benefits. For instance, you have all the information and data you need. In fact, you will be able to fetch them whenever you need it. Since EBR is a custom-made software solution, you can have the reports you need at your fingertips with ease.

Inventory Control

Stock details will be automated. Any purchase or sales made will be recorded in the dashboard to make sure of accurate inventory. Our inventory ERP software enable businesses to streamline warehouse management operations and result in efficient stock management.

Barcode Scanning

EBR automated ERPsoftware  for inventory management comes with barcode scanning, so that any purchase and sale is entered in the system with minimal effort. This is an efficient way to avoid errors, and it will also help you find any particular item in the inventory with ease.

Purchase Orders

Manage every minute detail at one single place. Our inventory management software Dubai manages total purchase order lifecycle. Preparing purchase orders and sending the same to vendors can be  simplified with the ERP software solution. The cloud platform tracks the invoices and purchases made to each vendor accurately.


It is common for businesses in UAE to have warehouses at multiple and different locations. Accurate tracking of stock across all your warehouses becomes easy with our ERP software solution for inventory management. Transfer between warehouses is another feature that is included in our cloud ERP.

Product Details

Details like suppliers, variants, SKU, Barcodes, weight, the retail price, and the wholesale price are efficiently recorded in the dashboard. No item goes unnoticed or unrecorded. Variations in each item can also be found easily with our ERP.

Inventory Stock Report

Detailed stock reports to get insights into items that you are yet to receive. Customizing reports based on dates, item, vendor, and item type lets you manage your business seamlessly. The total cost of incoming stocks can be checked with our inventory management software Dubai.