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HR and payroll software in Dubai can help businesses find the right solution to fit their unique needs and requirements.

What Makes Us Unique?
HR and Payroll Software Solutions UAE

Many companies use multiple software applications to manage their employees and staff. At EBR, we understand the power of technology in enabling faster and smarter work connections. So, we wondered why HR personnel should be stuck in the past, tediously handling tasks manually using spreadsheets. Such methods not only consume valuable time but also undermine overall efficiency. This is what motivated us to introduce our HR and payroll software in Dubai.


The HR manager’s workload can be overwhelming due to paper-based tasks, managing multiple applications and there is a high risk for errors. But in the era of smart workplaces, there is a solution that offers efficient handling of HR tasks.


If you’re a business owner burdened by HR tasks, consider our HR and payroll software in Dubai! This cloud-based software facilitates employee management, from handling requests to tracking performance, saving you time and boosting productivity.


Imagine a suite of synchronized HR applications accessible to both your HR department and employees. With our EBR HR Software in UAE, you can effortlessly handle payroll, deductions, time-off requests, and much more!


EBR HR and payroll software solutions offer the benefit of real-time information storage. HRMS software automates time off balances, taxes, payroll, and deductions through synchronized modules. Partner with us to discover how our all-in-one cloud-based HR and payroll management software can efficiently manage your human resources.

Our HRMS Software Features

Employee Hub

HR software allows instant access to employee information. Simplify your workflow with a unified interface for managing job applicants, and also your existing employees.

Candidate Evaluation

Optimize your candidate selection process with our robust background screening tool. Avoid hiring individuals who are not fit for the role with the help of our software.


We ensure compliance with global standards. Our software facilitates the management of local compliances, rules, and regulations while enabling workforce expansion.

Upgrade your traditional payroll system to our modern payroll software
to seamlessly control the global payroll requirements of the business, regardless of your workforce size.

Leave Management

Improve employee attendance tracking, project planning, and deadline management. Gain visibility into attendance schedules for enhanced productivity with HR software.

Employee Perks

Develop innovative employee benefit and reward initiatives to optimize employee experience. This will help to build motivation and maximize return on investment.

Time Management

Ensure employee availability during crucial work hours and efficiently manage work schedules across multiple locations with the help of our advanced HR software solution.

Expense Management

Digitally track and manage all business expenses without the need for paper and Excel spreadsheets. Use our HR and payroll software in Dubai for expense monitoring.

Help Desk

An AI-powered self-service desk is implemented for efficient resolution of customer complaints. Employees will have an efficient ticketing system for easy submission.

Why Use EBR HR and Payroll Solution
in Dubai | UAE

Integrating your company’s employee data with our EBR HR and payroll software in Dubai will surely help you succeed. Our HR software, equipped with attendance, payroll, benefits modules, and intelligent features, provides a comprehensive solution. With EBR software, you can easily manage the entire workforce.

What Makes EBR HR and Payroll System Reliable?

Personnel Records

HR and payroll management system is a secure vault for storing employee-related data. Our software enables you to store a wide range of information, including salary adjustments, resumes of candidates, test scores, selection procedures, promotions, resignations, terminations, suspensions, and other relevant employee details. The data is securely stored in the cloud, ensuring easy accessibility for all relevant departments.

Attendance System

Cloud-based EBR HR software simplifies HR tasks, such as managing leave requests, employee time off, and attendance. It provides access to leave balances, holiday information, and other relevant data anytime, anywhere. Management software allows for flexible working hours and shift assignments, tailored to the specific needs of employees and departments needs, fostering a more accessible work environment.


An efficient HR & Payroll system enhances HR capabilities for effective human resources management by providing comprehensive tools and features. EBR HR and payroll software solutions facilitate data management, maintenance, and storage for all employees. This includes salary information, performance evaluations, festival bonuses, incentives, deductions, and more, ensuring secure and convenient storage.

Benefits Management

HR software helps the employee benefits management process by using a powerful tool that empowers HR departments to efficiently manage and track employee benefits. With its intuitive interface, automated updates, and comprehensive reporting, EBR streamlines the benefits management process, ensuring that employees receive the benefits they deserve while simplifying administrative tasks for HR personnel.

Performance Monitoring

Employee monitoring, rewarding, and management based on KPIs is a common practice in organizations. With the HR system, these activities are recorded in the Performance Management system to facilitate insights into individual and organizational growth. The data gathered enables the identification of training needs, the formation of skill-based groups, and the implementation of targeted training sessions.

Applicant Tracking

ATS or Candidate Tracking System is an automated module designed to manage and oversee the recruitment process, from initial application submission to candidate selection. HR software efficiently stores and enables access to data throughout the entire process. This data serves as a foundation for conducting training sessions, facilitating induction, and assigning job responsibilities within organizations.

Why Choose Us for
HR and Payroll Software Solutions
in UAE

HR software is crucial from employee onboarding onwards, as it efficiently handles various responsibilities, including payroll, managed by the HR department. To ensure compliance with UAE regulations, integrating such software into your organization would greatly benefit its operations.


EBR HR Software in UAE is a comprehensive payroll solution. It manages tax, deductions, salary, benefits, worker’s compensation, and insurance in compliance with UAE laws. In fact, our HR and payroll management system facilitates the calculation of work hours and payments for vendors and freelancers through a user-friendly dashboard.


EBR HR and Payroll software in Dubai offers a sleek and intuitive dashboard. It automates calculations and seamlessly integrates with the cloud. Learning to use this software is an easy task for both employers and employees.

Key Features of EBR HR Software Dubai

Easy Onboarding

It will ensure new employees feel comfortable and develop a positive perception of your workplace

Easy Hiring

Helps you understand the job requirements and make the right choice while recruiting new candidates

Secured Employee Data

The system can store, manage, and retrieve employee information in a secure cloud-based platform.

Smart Decision Making

Detailed reports from all departments aid in making informed decisions and enhancing overall efficiency.

Performance Evaluation

You can monitor the performance of the employees and check if the current training program is efficient or not.

Better Communication

Our HR and payroll solution lets you integrate with other important departments in your business.

Transform Your Payroll Management Software With EBR HRMS Software

Centralizing and managing data seamlessly facilitates enterprise operations. Our expertise lies in tailoring personalized solutions to match unique client requirements, encompassing various business processes and roles.


By trusting EBR as your HR and payroll software solution provider you are getting a complete solution that is capable of meeting all your HR and payroll-related requirements. Partner with us to get hold of our software that can help you reduce the burden of HR-related tasks and allows you to focus on other important aspects of your business.

EBR HR and Payroll Management System Offers you:

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    EBR HR and Payroll Software Related FAQ

    We are well aware that you must be having some doubts regarding HR and payroll software solutions. So we have answered some of the frequent questions we get from our customers for you to clarify:

    Using the right HR and payroll software Dubai will help businesses to manage their human resource effectively irrespective of the size of your business! EBR HR software is designed and developed keeping in mind all the possible concerns and needs of any business.

    No. We are not selling software solutions based on how many employees a business have. 

    Yes. You know about your requirements more than us. It is up to you to decide what modules to choose.

    Yes. Our HR and Payroll Software Dubai is an asynchronized cloud solution. Users can log in to the dashboard through any device and from anywhere.

    Our HR Software Dubai is very easy to set up. Once we understand about your requirements and workflow, we can set up the software solution in less than one week.

    EBR HR and payroll software is a global solution that serves multiple businesses across several sectors. As a result, you can use the software in not just UAE, but anywhere you want.

    He or she would love to hear that you are investing in a reliable HR and Payroll Software Dubai. 

    Your accountant will be able to do a  better job when he or she has access to such a software solution.

    The software’s cost will depend on the vendor and employees’ strength. You will need to pay the fixed base price and extra charges for payroll-based transactions.

    You will be able to save both effort and time when using our HR and Payroll Software Dubai. The features included with the software will speed up the payroll process.