7 - Must Have HR Software Features

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What makes a company successful? No one would have to think twice to find the answer to this question. Of course, it is the productivity of the employees. If you try to get to the nitty-gritty of ‘what makes employees productive at work,’ you will come to know that there are many underlying factors. 


Some of them include the work culture at the office, the reward, and the recognition that the employees get. Interestingly, most of these are directly linked to the HR department. Today, advanced HR & payroll software Dubai are capable of handling a lot of these things.

What is HR software?

HR software is a modern innovative software solution designed to help the HR department of companies to handle their human resource tasks. There are countless benefits of using HR and payroll software. HR & payroll software Dubai helps the respective HR staff of the organization to optimize their employee’s tasks, meet the HR goals set by the companies, and ensure that the time of each employee is used at its best.


With the recent boom in the software development arena, a lot of HR software solutions have been introduced to the marketplace. However, an ideal HR software should have certain must-have features. We are discussing them here.

Employee recruitment

Employee recruitment is the first and foremost responsibility of the HR department. Ideally, this should be the core feature of an HR software solution. From shortlisting the right candidates based on CVs to finalizing the right candidate for the right position or post, recruitment and hiring involve lots of key functions. Modern HR software comes integrated with an applicant tracking system (ATS) which simplifies candidate shortlisting.


Keeping the records of the employees who show up at work each day is a herculean task for the HR team. Adding to that is gathering and keeping data of the employees who take half day leaves. Therefore, attendance tracking is another must-have feature for HR software. 

Workflow management

In a conventional office setup, the HR manager has to write memos manually and send them to the employees to remind them of an upcoming feedback session or a weekly target, or similar tasks. 


With HR & payroll software Dubai that has the feature of workflow management, this task can be done much more easily and fast. With minimal input from the HR employee, the memos can be generated automatically and scheduled to be sent to each employee at pre-set intervals.

Employee retention

While a lot of companies invest a lot of their resources into hiring and onboarding, they pay less attention to employee retention. In fact, retaining your existing employees is much more cost-effective than hiring new employees. 


With a dedicated automated employee retention feature on the HRMS, the HR department can keep a database for the pattern of employee behavior and derive cues from this when employees feel burned out at work or need motivation or upskilling to progress in their productivity.

Employee data analytics and management

In a corporate office, employee data is the most crucial one. HR departments often find themselves helpless when their employee data are stolen or compromised. So, another unavoidable feature of modern HR software is the option to store, analyse and manage employee data. As it is a process involving big and critical data, there shouldn’t be a compromise regarding data security.

Payroll management

In a company with several employees holding different designations and salary scales, the HR department is tasked with a huge responsibility for payroll management. Manually doing it through conventional means like Excel is quite time-consuming. 


With automation and AI, modern HR software has an excellent framework for payroll management. It will help the HR team to quickly pull out salary data regarding each employee including bonuses, basic pay, and taxes. Moreover, it will enable the HR team to be ready with the completed payroll file a month before the salary due date. Any delay in the salary issuance can thus be avoided

Employee onboarding

Once an employee has been hired, onboarding is the next important step. It involves lots of documentation and correspondence between HR and the employee. Likewise, it consists of enormous paper works. In this digital era, these processes can be simplified through an integrated employee onboarding option in the HR management software. After hiring an employee, he or she can be given access to an employee portal where he gets notifications for each step he has to execute to get going.


The core goal of HR & payroll software Dubai is to make HR management more efficient and less time-consuming. By way of switching to modern HR software with the aforementioned features, HR employees can save a lot of time as many of their repetitive and monotonous tasks can be done with the help of the automated HR system. The thus obtained time can be repurposed for more productive engagements for the organization.