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Supermarket and Retail Software In Dubai

Supermarket and Retail Software In Dubai

Buy the best Supermarket and Retail Software in Dubai

The Supermarket and grocery retail industry makes up the largest food retail channel in the UAE. Supermarkets have lots of chores on a daily basis that they need to manage and report. Manually handling these chores, data and reports can affect both the shopping experience of customers and the management of the business. This is where our supermarket and retail software in Dubai comes into play.


A responsive and smart POS software exclusively designed and developed for supermarkets in UAE can help you manage your store, customers, and purchases effectively. Inventory information, customer purchases, customer data (if any), and their purchase history can enhance the shopping and supermarket management experience.


Our EBR Supermarket and retail software in Dubai is an ideal choice for supermarkets and retail stores, who want to smartly transform their business while making things easy and convenient.


If you have multiple stores in UAE, managing them all becomes easy with our intelligent software system. 

Your business needs and industry standards are taken into consideration while developing our software solution.


Customer shopping experience can be enhanced by creating exclusive offers and campaigns based on their shopping history.


Payment processing is another vital process in the supermarket and retail industry. EBR’s responsive and fast operations will make it easy for customers to pay via any payment method they like to use. We have also integrated barcode and QR scanner to make payments simple, fast, and effortless. 

Key Features of EBR Supermarket Software in Dubai

Key Features



Financial Accounting


Providing a good customer experience is crucial for any supermarket business. Our supermarket and retail POS software makes the whole billing process efficient.

Cloud Reports

Keep track of your supermarket sales wherever you are. Our cloud-based software has all data synchronized and stored for quick report generation.

Better Inventory Management

Managing the inventory manually is nearly impossible. Our supermarket POS software smartly integrates an inventory management module to help you keep track of all your inventory.

Customer Loyalty Programs

Plan and execute customer loyalty programs efficiently. Discounts, gift coupons, or any other loyalty programs can be planned as per your sales, season, and purchases.

Vendor Management

If you sell items through a third party vendor, use our vendor module to track it. Keep track of how much sales you make through each vendor with a single software solution.

Employee Management

Compare employee shifts with supermarket sales to get a clear idea on where you need more employees. EBR restaurant and retail software has got employee management covered.

Accounting and Finance

It is crucial to understand how well your business is performing for wisely allocating resources. Our supermarket software solution gives you  in-depth reports to have a  better understanding of your business performance .

Precise Cash Management

Our software will clearly indicate exactly how much cash you should store in each cash register. This innovative feature will help you reduce cash theft and related issues.

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We at EBR understands that managing and centralizing critical business data in a seamlessway is a top priority for most businesses. This is one of the primary reasons why our EBR software solution is ideal for supermarkets and retail stores throughout the country.. It doesn’t mater what the size or type of your business is, investing in our supermarket and retail software in Dubai can do wonders for your business. Here is what you will get by partnering with us. 

You get:

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    We get questions about our Supermarket and Retail Software in Dubai all the time. EBR Supermarket Software in Dubai is developed to ease operations within any supermarket. Here are a few of the questions that we get from customers about our supermarket software. 

    EBR supermarket and retail Software works not just online, but also offline too. That said, restaurants that are using our software will need the internet to check sales reports and for managing the back office.

    Yes, you can. The software implementation team at EBR will set up the software and help you migrate data into the newly installed software.

    EBR supermarket software is a feature-rich and advanced software. Our Restaurant Software Dubai comes with advanced features such as customized reports, inventory management, multi-language support, simple interface, data security, and multiple location management. 

    The time required for installation will vary based on the number of products that you have. We can complete the installation process in two hours or less. However, if you have an Excel file with product lists, barcodes, and prices,  then we can speed up the installation process.

    Yes. EBR supermarket and retail software can be used for supermarkets with one or multiple locations. A centralized software solution enables you to manage stocks in multiple locations with ease.

    Sure. We offer a free trial of our supermarket and retail software. You will need to pay upfront if you also need hardware. 

    We deeply care about product performance, which is why we have established certain specifications to ensure a fine performance. You will need to check if the hardware meets our configuration requirements and consult with our team before making a final decision.