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EBR retail and supermarket POS software in Dubai, UAE are designed to be flexible and scalable, enabling businesses to adapt to changing market conditions and customer needs.

Why We Are the Best? Supermarket Software
in UAE

The Supermarket and grocery retail industry, which constitutes the largest food retail channel in the UAE, faces numerous daily tasks that require efficient management and reporting.


Unfortunately, manually handling these duties, data, and reports can adversely impact both the shopping experience of customers and business management.


Our supermarket and retail software in Dubai aims to address these challenges and provide smooth business operations.


An exclusive and intelligent POS software, tailored to the needs of supermarkets in the UAE, can be a game-changer in managing a store, customers, and purchases efficiently.


EBR supermarket software can significantly improve the shopping and supermarket management experience, By incorporating inventory information, customer purchases, and data, including their purchase history.


Our EBR Supermarket and Retail Software in Dubai is specifically designed to address the needs of supermarkets and retail stores seeking to enhance their business operations in a smart and convenient way.

Managing multiple supermarkets and retail stores in the UAE can be a complex and challenging task. However, our intelligent supermarket software system can simplify this process and make it more manageable.


We take into account the specific business needs and industry standards of each client when developing our software solutions.


A key factor in enhancing the customer shopping experience is the ability to create targeted offers and campaigns that resonate with individual customers.


EBR supermarket and retail software solutions include fast and responsive payment processing. Customers can pay using any method they prefer, and we have integrated barcode and QR scanner technology to make payments simple, fast, and effortless.

Our Process


We lay out a clear step-by-step plan for implementation, outlining timelines, milestones, and responsibilities.


We carefully transfer your existing data to the new platform, ensuring accuracy and continuity.


We provide tailored training programs for all users, from executives to maintenance staff.


We provide automatic software updates to ensure you always have the latest features and bug fixes.

Integrate, Optimize, Elevate.

Ready to elevate your supermarket operations? Take the next step and unlock seamless workflow with our advanced POS solutions.


  • Seamless integration
  • Optimized operations
  • Easy to use

Key Features of EBR Supermarket Software in Dubai

Key Features



Financial Accounting


Create a positive customer experience. Our supermarket and retail POS software streamlines the billing process, improving efficiency and enhancing the overall customer experience.

Cloud Reporting

Keep track of sales data from anywhere. EBR cloud-based supermarket software synchronizes and stores all data, making it easy to generate quick reports on the fly.

Improved Inventory Management

Keep track of all your inventory. Our supermarket and retail software includes an inventory management module that makes it easier to manage stock levels, track product movement, and generate reports.

Customer Loyalty Programs

Plan and execute customer loyalty programs efficiently. The supermarket software can be customized to offer discounts, gift coupons, and other loyalty programs based on sales, season, and purchase data.

Vendor Management

Track your sales through each vendor. EBR supermarket and retail software includes a vendor module that streamlines this process enabling businesses to track sales data using a single software solution.

Staff Management

Know when and where you need more employees. Compare employee shifts with supermarket sales to predict how much manpower you need for smooth and efficient business operations.

Finance Management

Manage your supermarket account and finance. EBR supermarket software solutions provide in-depth reports enabling businesses to better understand their performance and make informed decisions.

Billing Management

Optimize cash management processes. EBR supermarket billing software provides clear indications of how much cash should be stored in each cash register, helping businesses reduce the risk of running out of change.

Transform Your Supermarket Management Software With EBR Supermarket POS Software

EBR recognizes the importance of managing and centralizing critical business data in an efficient way. That’s why we offer POS software solutions that are perfect for supermarkets and retail stores of all sizes and types. Our solutions for supermarket and retail software in UAE are designed to improve efficiency, reduce errors, and optimize operations by leveraging advanced technology and data analytics.

EBR Supermarket POS Software Offers you:

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    EBR Supermarket Management System Related FAQ

    EBR Supermarket Software in Dubai is designed to simplify operations within any supermarket. It’s common to have concerns and doubts when considering a new software solution for your supermarket.


    We receive a range of questions from our customers about our supermarket software solutions, including inquiries about features, usability, customization, and support. Here are a few of the questions that we get from customers about our supermarket software.

    EBR supermarket and retail Software works not just online, but also offline too. That said, restaurants that are using our software will need the internet to check sales reports and for managing the back office.

    Yes, you can. The software implementation team at EBR will set up the software and help you migrate data into the newly installed software.

    EBR supermarket software is a feature-rich and advanced software. Our Supermarket POS Software comes with advanced features such as customized reports, inventory management, multi-language support, simple interface, data security, and multiple location management. 

    The time required for installation will vary based on the number of products that you have. We can complete the installation process in two hours or less. However, if you have an Excel file with product lists, barcodes, and prices,  then we can speed up the installation process.

    Yes. EBR supermarket and retail software can be used for supermarkets with one or multiple locations. A centralized software solution enables you to manage stocks in multiple locations with ease.

    Sure. We offer a free trial of our supermarket and retail software. You will need to pay upfront if you also need hardware. 

    We deeply care about product performance, which is why we have established certain specifications to ensure a fine performance. You will need to check if the hardware meets our configuration requirements and consult with our team before making a final decision. 

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