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Saloon POS Software

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Salon and spa in UAE does much more than receive payment for their services. They exist to give a memorable experience to their customers. Unlike retail businesses and restaurants, salons can cater to a wide range of customers – those of whom approach the business for beauticians, massage therapists, hair stylists etc.


Leveraging a Salon POS in Dubai can help you grow your business in an efficient manner. When you have yourself and a team of experts to work for you in the salon and for your customers, you may not find enough time and energy to work for a better, smart experience in the salon. An automated salon POS software in Dubai which understand your business can help you focus on the right things.


From scheduling customer appointments and managing them with just a few clicks to tracking a day’s worth at the end of the day, a smart Salon POS can help your business in many different ways.


EBR Salon POS software In dubai is a customized tool developed keeping in mind the operations and challenges in the beauty industry. Features and specification such as appointment scheduling, billing, inventory tracking, employee management, payroll, marketing strategies etc. will be a boon to your salon business. When a customer rings you up for an enquiry or an appointment scheduling, you can right away store their information and give them the apt response.


Reminders can be scheduled to be sent to the customers regarding appointments, seasonal offers, or anything in particular that is of interest to them.

EBR Salon POS Software – Key Features

Key Features



Financial Accounting


EBR Salon POS – The most effective tool for your salon business

Online Booking

Appointment process is fully automated, giving your customers a pleasant experience. Customer will be able to reschedule, or cancel, or schedule appointments from anywhere. You don’t have to face no-show customers. Customer that enters your salon with prior appointments can be given special attention.

Slot Blockers

Your business and staff need not have to face any troubles with respect to appointment scheduling. Our software will take care of it. Your customers and staff don’t have to waste  time waiting for slots. Customers will be able to see only the available slots.

Non-Business Hours Booking

Your customers can book an appointment even outside of working hours. Appointment option will be available 24*7. Due to this, you will get business even when you are offline! Our software ensures that you can serve customers even when you are not working.

Package Booking

Customers love packages! You can offer your services in attractive packages and they can choose the best package for themselves and go ahead with booking an appointment. Offering packages will boost sales and revenue as customers are able to book as per their convenience and preferences.

Membership Booking

Stay loyal to your customers, and let them stay loyal to you! Membership booking & scheduling features are a great way to make your customers choose you over other salon spaces. Create loyalty programs to offer exciting discounts to members. You can check past purchases of customers and give them discounts.

Organized Inventory

A robust and reliable inventory management software is needed in every spa, salon, and parlor to keep track of products. With our EBR software, you will be able to track every inventory unit from warehouse to salon. If you own multiple branches, you can track them from one dashboard. A centralized and organized inventory management is available with EBR.

Audits Reports

Businesses will not be able to run without accurate and regular auditing. Manual auditing can cause inevitable delays and errors. Our salon software is equipped with in-built capabilities that can be used to generate thorough reports. The reports can be accessible from almost anywhere.

Coupons Management

Most customers love free services and products. Appreciate customers for their loyalty by rewarding them with discounts and offers.  You can efficiently do this with our smart software. You can also offer your customers to avail gift packages to gift their loved ones.


Transparency should be heart of all types of business. You will need a detailed a thorough analysis of inventory. Our software helps you with not just checking inventory performance, but also with  other operations like accounting, purchase, and more.

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Centralising and managing all your operations and data seamlessly is what makes it easy for your business. An intelligent and easy-to-use salon POS software in Dubai, hence, is vital for your business – regardless of its size, customer demographics etc.


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    It’s quite normal to have concerns and doubts regarding a new software. EBR Salon POS software in Dubai is an intelligent solution developed to ease the jobs and services of any Salon and Spa business in Dubai.

    Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers regarding our Salon POS. Feel free to get in touch with us via email or phone if you need more clarifications!

    Yes. You can install our POS mobile app on your tablet or Apple tablet (iPad) and do the operations directly from it.

    Yes. You can sign in to your back office through your mobile browser from anywhere in the world and check detailed sales reports.

    Yes. Our restaurant POS system is enabled to support different payment methods – cash, cards, debit, UPIs, etc.

    Yes, customer loyalty programs can be enabled upon your requirements

    We have some specifications for the smooth running of our restaurant’s point of sale system. If your hardware configurations match, you can.

    Yes. You can anytime reschedule or cancel an appointment. Prompt alerts can be sent to the customers too.

    EBR is easy to implement and it will not take more than two days after confirmation from the client to install and start running.