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People dream of living in a home they can call theirs. Business owners dream of a space where they can gather like-minded people and create revolutionary things. And space-owners wish for tenants who would take care of their space like it’s their own. Real estate companies in Dubai understand their clients’ requirements and needs well, and strive to make them happy and satisfied.


Real estate in Dubai, UAE is a complicated, yet interesting and a million-dollar sector. But, the million-dollar question is, how effectively are the real-estate agencies and managers handling the formal procedures and operations. There are many software tools available in the market for managing the many operations in the real estate arena in UAE, but the question is, how many should a broker or a leaser or a lender or an agent use?


It is not a good idea to operate more than one software tool to manage the real estate operations – it is confusion, time consuming, and the data won’t be accurate. This is why our team of curious and intelligent developers have designed an al-in-one smart software for property and real estate management.


Our team expertise is to study an industry thoroughly, jot down the operations, challenges, and its solutions to build a user-friendly tool for those in need. The customized software can be used by anyone who now the basics of operating any smart device, and hence it is cloud-based, fetching any needed data is easy and possible at any given point out time, from anywhere in UAE!Whether you deal with residential, commercial, or warehouses, EBR Real Estate Software will be a software you’ll use on a daily basis to ease your tasks and manage your business well.

The Smart, All-In-One Real Estate Management Software – Key Features

Key Features

Financial Accounting


Increase ROI Smartly

Real estate industry is a high investment domain, and making a slight error in any of the many operations is going to cost you plenty. Streamlining each and every process in our state-of-the-art solution will aid you in increasing your ROI and tenant retention rates.

Finances Management

Being a million-dollar industry, the finances involved have to be managed efficiently. A slight error will cost you.EBR Real Estate software is a cloud solutions, and is seamlessly integrated with accounts. It automatesall the finances related to your properties.

Contract Management

Real estate industry deals with many contracts – those with tenants, brokers, leasers, lenders, and owners. Manually managing them all is a challenge. EBR cloud software offers you the right set of features to efficiently manage all types of contracts throughout their lifecycle for ROI.

Building Maintenance

Regular maintenance of any space is crucial to make your clients happy – be it the tenants or owners. Respond to maintenance requests from tenants using property management module. Having a proper strategy in place for maintenance will not just keep your clients satisfied, but will also save you time and your business!

Package Booking

Customers love packages! You can offer your services in attractive packages and they can choose the best package for themselves and go ahead with booking an appointment. Making packages help you boost sales and revenue as customers get to make bookings as per their preferences. It adds to customer loyalty too.

Membership Booking

Stay loyal to your customers, and let them stay loyal to you! Membership booking & scheduling features are a great way to make your customers choose you over other salon spaces. Run effective loyalty programs to offer your members exciting discounts. You can also see the past purchases of the customers and offer them discounts accordingly.

Organized Inventory

Every parlor, salon or spa needs a robust inventory management system to keep track of the list of products. With EBR POS, you can keep track of every inventory unit from salon to warehouse. If you own multiple branches, you can track them from one dashboard. The software offers organized and centralized inventory management.

Audits Reports

No business can run without regular and accurate auditing. Manual auditing can cause inevitable delays and errors. Our salon software comes with in-built capabilities that will help you generate thorough reports and updated stock counts. These reports are accessible from anywhere at any time.

Coupons Management

Customers love free products and services. Appreciate your customers for their loyalty, reward them with offers and discounts. You can efficiently do this with our smart software. You can also offer your customers to avail gift packages to gift their loved ones.


Transparency is at the heart of every business. When it comes to salon management, you need a detailed analysis of the inventory. This software helps you check the inventory performance and other operations right from accounting and purchase. Complete transparency brings more power to the decision-makers.

Other key features: