Employee Self-Service Portal
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EBR's efficient Employee Self-Service Portal simplifies HR processes.

Empower Your Workforce with Employee Self-Service Portal in Dubai, UAE

EBR’s Employee Self-Service Portal is a game-changer in the realm of HR management. Designed to simplify and streamline administrative tasks, our portal empowers employees to take control of their HR-related activities with ease.


From updating personal information to managing time-off requests and accessing company policies, employees can efficiently handle various tasks from a single, intuitive platform.


Our portal not only saves time but also reduces the administrative burden on HR personnel, allowing them to focus on strategic initiatives.


Moreover, by fostering transparency and communication within the organization, our Employee Self-Service Portal promotes collaboration and enhances employee satisfaction.


With EBR’s innovative solution, businesses can unlock the full potential of their workforce, drive efficiency, and position themselves for long-term success in today’s competitive landscape.

Advanced Features of our Employee Self-Service Portal

Personal Information Management

Employees manage personal details like contact information and tax withholdings securely and conveniently through the portal.


  • Update details
  • Contact information
  • Tax withholdings

Leave and Attendance Management

Effortlessly request, track, and manage leave, while monitoring attendance records for streamlined HR processes.


  • Request time off
  • Track attendance
  • Manage leave balances

Payroll Information

Access pay stubs, tax forms, and direct deposit details conveniently through the Employee Self-Service Portal.


  • Earnings Overview
  • Tax Forms
  • Direct Deposit

Training and Development

Empower employees with self-directed learning, skill tracking, and career advancement opportunities through Training and Development.


  • Training Enrollment
  • Skill Development Tracking
  • Access Learning Materials

Performance Management

Empower employees to track progress, set goals, and receive feedback with Performance Management in the Self-Service Portal.


  • Goal Setting
  • Feedback Exchange
  • Progress Tracking

Communication and Collaboration

Enhance teamwork and knowledge sharing through robust communication and collaboration tools in the Employee Self-Service Portal.


  • Seamless Communication
  • Enhanced Collaboration
  • Centralized Messaging

Functions of Employee Self-Service Portal

Information Access and Update

Employees access and update personal information, ensuring data accuracy and reducing administrative tasks.

Request and Approval Workflow

Streamlines request submission and approval processes for tasks like leave and schedule changes.

Training and Development Management

Enables enrollment, progress tracking, and access to training materials for professional development.

Communication and Collaboration

Fosters internal communication and collaboration among employees, enhancing teamwork and knowledge sharing.

Benefits of Our Employee Self-Service Portal

Increased Efficiency

Streamlines processes, reduces paperwork, and frees HR resources, enhancing overall efficiency.


  • Streamlined Processes
  • Self-Service Features
  • Reduced Workload

Improved Employee Satisfaction

Enhances employee satisfaction through easy access to information and self-service functionalities.


  • Enhanced autonomy
  • Streamlined processes
  • Increased transparency

Enhanced Accuracy and Compliance

Enhances satisfaction by providing autonomy, access to information, and streamlined processes.


  • Self-updating Information
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Data Accuracy

Streamlined Processes

Enhances efficiency by automating tasks, reducing paperwork, and streamlining HR processes for improved workflows.


  • Automated Workflows
  • Reduced Paperwork
  • Faster Processes

Cost Savings

Reduces administrative overhead, saving costs associated with paperwork and manual processes.


  • Reduced Administrative Costs
  • Paperwork Reduction
  • Increased Efficiency

Facilitated Communication and Collaboration

Enhanced teamwork, knowledge sharing, and internal communication streamline workflows and boost productivity.


  • Streamlined Workflows
  • Enhanced Teamwork
  • Improved Productivity

Empowering Efficiency with the Employee Self-Service Portal

The Employee Self-Service Portal revolutionizes the HR System by offering unparalleled convenience and empowerment.


With this intuitive platform, employees gain direct access to essential HR tasks, such as updating personal information, requesting time off, and accessing company policies. By streamlining administrative processes, the portal saves valuable time and effort for both employees and HR personnel alike.


Its user-friendly interface and intuitive features make it easy for employees to independently manage their HR-related activities, enhancing productivity and satisfaction across the organization.


From reducing paperwork to fostering a culture of transparency and communication, the Employee Self-Service Portal empowers employees to take control of their work lives, ultimately driving efficiency and success in today’s fast-paced business environment.

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