What Are the Document Requirements for Starting a Cloud Kitchen Dubai?

Launching a business in a rapidly evolving economy such as Dubai presents a promising opportunity, and one of the most enticing options to explore is establishing a cloud kitchen.

In the United Arab Emirates, the online food delivery industry is expected to experience consistent annual growth, estimated at approximately 6%, signaling a bright outlook for entrepreneurs.


With shifting consumer preferences, evolving business models, and the slim profit margins associated with conventional kitchens, an increasing number of food service professionals are contemplating a transition towards online or cloud kitchen ventures in Dubai.



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Check out some points that show the documents needed for starting a cloud kitchen in Dubai


Documents Needed for Starting a Cloud Kitchen in Dubai


In this blog, we are going give you a head start on how to get started with a cloud kitchen and the essential list of documents needed to launch a cloud kitchen in Dubai:


Food and Safety License


If you’re running a cloud kitchen or a restaurant, you must have a Food and Safety License.


This license is like a seal of approval from the government, showing that your kitchen follows all the rules to make sure the food is safe to eat.


It’s not just a piece of paper; it’s a way to build trust with your customers.


To get this license, you’ll need to provide a bunch of documents like your business info, kitchen setup plans, how you make the food, how you dispose of waste, and proof that your staff knows how to handle food safely.


It’s all about making sure your kitchen is clean and safe.


Trading License


If you want to start a cloud kitchen business in Dubai, you’ll need to get special permission called a “trade license” from the government there.


To do this, you’ll have to provide some important documents like a copy of your visa, a rental agreement, your passport, and other necessary information.


On top of that, you might also need to get a special food license from the Dubai Municipality to make sure your kitchen is following all the rules and can run smoothly.


Non-Objection Certificate (NOC) From the Municipality of Dubai


A crucial document needed for starting a cloud kitchen in Dubai is obtaining a Non-Objection Certificate.


This certificate is the municipal government’s official endorsement that they have no issues with your company’s activities.


You normally need to submit a number of documents, such as your business information, kitchen designs, and proof of compliance with health and safety laws, to obtain the NOC.


Architectural Regulations


An architectural plan is an essential document for starting a cloud kitchen in Dubai.


In order to ensure that your kitchen space conforms with local construction laws and regulations, this plan should show how it is created.


It outlines the locations of your cooking and food preparation areas as well as your plans for ensuring efficiency and safety.


An approved architectural plan is a critical prerequisite for starting and running your cloud kitchen business in Dubai because it shows that your kitchen layout complies with the required criteria.


Delivery Permit


There are a few key decisions to make when it comes to packaging and delivering food for online orders.


First, choose the type of containers you prefer, whether disposable or reusable. Then, consider the delivery method.


You can either have your own delivery team, team up with a delivery service, or offer the option for customers to pick up their orders themselves.


The delivery permit signifies that your cloud kitchen is legally allowed to provide food delivery services within the city, meeting the necessary requirements for safe and hygienic operations while offering convenient delivery options to customers.


Cost of Cloud Kitchen License in Dubai


Cloud kitchen license cost in Dubai is not a fixed price; it depends on where you want to set up, how big it is, and what kind of license you need.


Usually, you might have to pay from a few thousand to several thousand dirhams.


Specifically, if you’re looking at Dubai Mainland, it could cost you somewhere between 16,000 AED and 25,000 AED.


These expenses can change, so it’s important to check the latest rates with the authorities or experts before you start your cloud kitchen.




Starting a cloud kitchen in Dubai requires several important documents, with a crucial focus on obtaining a cloud kitchen license in Dubai.


To establish one, you’ll need to provide a valid trade license, and must also submit financial statements, and certificates for health and safety are also required.


Make sure your employees have legitimate work permits as well.


These documents are vital to meet the legal requirements and regulatory standards necessary for launching your cloud kitchen and operating it smoothly in Dubai.


If you wish to read more about establishing a cloud kitchen in Dubai in detail feel free to go through our following blogs where we have covered all aspects you need to know!



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