What To Consider When Choosing a Trading ERP Software in Dubai?

Every business after a point in growth requires in-depth planning in allocating resources to various departments for smooth operational procedures. That’s why investing in an Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP system comes in handy.


But with the variety of ERP systems available in the market, it can become a hurdle to choose an ERP system. Depending on your company’s functions and its ability to evolve with growth, let’s look at some of the factors you need to keep an eye out for when looking for trading ERP software. There are many benefits to using trading ERP Software in Dubai.

Define Company Goals and Budget

Learn what to consider while choosing a trading ERP software in Dubai for your business

Each trading business or enterprise will have its own niche and strengths. Before investing in an ERP system to help your company, you must first ask yourselves, define your company goals, and assign aside the budgets in tandem with the growth potential.


Choosing a trading ERP software in Dubai can be difficult, due to the sheer number of software developers out there. The right move in choosing an ERP system can lead to a good investment. And bad investments are not desirable and can become counterproductive in any business. It is essential to identify and set goals for the following.


  1. Growth of company
  2. Efficiency and productivity enhancement
  3. Product delivery rating


An ERP system implementation can help your company structure the data flow between departments. Set your budget and make changes to your software preferences.


EBR Software, one of the leading trading ERP software solution providers in Dubai, can help you custom-build ERP software per your trading business specification. They even leave room for improvements, which will be useful in the long run.

Customizability and Support

Always plan for the future – A good ERP system must be versatile enough to be able to change with company growth while efficient enough to scale with complexities.


More sales mean more stock acquirement and you must keep track of company sales and inventory flow in warehouses keeping company growth in mind. Try to choose an ERP system that is malleable to change. An ERP system that is in-house customizable with less effort.


Support is an important factor to consider when trying to buy ERP software from software solution providers. Issues can arise in any software implementation due to many reasons. Make sure your software provider has an in-depth process for registering data errors and safeguards routines in case of such events.

On-premise or Cloud-Based

An ERP system can be installed in your trading business locally or the information can be accessed via the internet. Both have their own merits and demerits. Let’s look into some of the factors weighing different preferences.


An on-premise ERP system requires setting up servers and installing a network connecting various departments. The data can be accessed using a central hub that is tethered to the main servers.


This model will have difficulties when the company scales in growth and can also make customizing and regular software patches costly. It might also be in the company’s favor to recruit software specialists for regular maintenance and patches.


An on-premise ERP system can be costly but the data is secured and highly accessible. A cloud-based ERP system handles most of the data from a centralized hub but the company data is stored in the servers of the software providers.


Read this blog if you are still wondering why you would need trading ERP software for your business. EBR software is one of the leading providers of trading ERP software in Dubai you could consider that when choosing a trading ERP software in Dubai. We update their security measures and do regular performance patches to help keep your company data safe and secured in an offsite location, away from tampering.