How to Select a Suitable ERP Consultant for Your Business?

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When it comes to choosing an ERP system, a lot of business owners become clueless due to their lack of familiarity with it. What is ERP Consulting? As you can see, there are so many different types of ERP systems offering various attractive features. However, you wouldn’t need all those features. You need a system that fits your business context. This is when you may think of ERP consulting in Dubai. 


The job of an ERP consultant is to assist you in choosing an ERP system. Not only that, but sometimes, you may need professional support in the implementation of the system as well. An established consulting service would be capable of doing both of these. But not all ERP consultants would be able to help in the way you are expecting. 


You must choose a consultant who could understand the type of business you are into, and the requirements you as an entrepreneur would require to adhere to in the specific location where the business is established. For a business that runs in Dubai, you may consider an EPR consulting in Dubai.


To help you zero in on the most reliable ERP consulting in Dubai, we have compiled a list of criteria here. After shortlisting a list of consulting firms for your consideration, validate each against these criteria to find the best one.

Assistance for implementation

Each ERP has its own unique procedure to follow during the implementation stage. Some systems may have complicated methodologies that you can’t easily work out. It is better to opt them out of your shortlist. Only an experienced ERP consultant would be able to tell you whether a system will be practical for your implementation or not.

Industrial exposure

The ERP system that works well for the textile industry might not work for a construction business. Similarly, one that matches the requirements of a manufacturing unit wouldn’t work for a service-based business. How do you know whether you are choosing an appropriate ERP for your business? There is only one way to ensure that – choose the most reliable ERP consulting in Dubai.

Technical support and orientation

Purchasing an ERP is just the beginning. The biggest challenge is getting your employees familiar with all the different modules of the ERP. Unless your ERP provider trains your staff during the orientation phase, it won’t be easier for them to start using them. So, make sure that your ERP consultant is willing to provide your staff with a timely technical assistant and a few orientation sessions to get started.  


An entrepreneur chooses an ERP in order to make the business run smoother. However, when you implement it with the wrong ERP consultant, it won’t do you any good. Rather, it would end up making your business more complicated. An experienced ERP consultant would carefully analyse your business requirements and suggest you the most appropriate ERP solution that can work with your existing business model and software services that you are currently using or accustomed to.