What are the benefits of investing in ERP training?

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A lot of talks and discussions take place in the business world about ERP Software Training & Support in Dubai these days. It is beyond any doubt that ERP can boost a business’s productivity and transform management more effectively. However, to get started with using the ERP effectively, a business has to invest some of its resources in ERP Software Training & Support in Dubai.

What is ERP Software Training

For a business that is not using an ERP system at the moment, chances are very bleak that its staff should have any idea about ERP. You can’t make your ERP implementation successful without your staff’s contribution to it. Hence, ERP training is at the heart of ERP implementation. Experts say that a business wanting to implement ERP should allocate a minimum of 5 percent of its ERP budget for the sake of staff training.

The following are some of the top benefits of investing your resources in training your staff in using advanced Enterprise Resource Planning Software

It enhances collaboration among your teams

In almost all businesses, all major functions are carried out in teams. Let’s take for instance a manufacturing unit. There will be an independent department for raw material collection, logistics, production, human resource management, and so forth. However, the overall operation of the business is made smoother through integration and collaboration. A well-integrated ERP will make collaboration easier.

It will reduce errors

When all your staff are familiar with the ERP system you have adopted for your business, there will be fewer chances for any errors. Each department in the company or each employee will have its own accessibility and control options. The super admin of the ERP can decide the type of control and access each employee or department should be provided with. This will ensure that no one has access to any data that is irrelevant to them.

It will boost your employees' productivity

One of the major benefits of investing in ERP training is that it will boost employee productivity. If your employees have no idea about the ERP operation, they will waste a lot of time around it for even simpler tasks that could be done within seconds. In consequence, it will take a huge toll on your employees’ productivity. On the other hand, if you invest a portion of your budget in training your employees to use the ERP, they will quickly adapt to the new system and help you tap on maximum benefit from it.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind for Making the ERP Training Effective

Here are a few recommendations to help you make the ERP training session effective for your employees. 

Conduct it in a short session

Make your training short, straight to the point, and interesting for your employees to take part in. Of course, you should consider an experienced trainer for the same.  

Include practical lessons in the training

People learn things by doing. So, when you conduct the ERP training, it is highly recommended to include practical lessons or live tasks. Let your staff realize how things work in real-life scenarios from those lessons. 

Provide your team with sufficient reference materials

For most of your staff, ERP is going to be a very new thing. They might be confused or clueless about certain ERP tasks even after a detailed training session. To avoid that, supply them with enough reference materials. Encourage them to go through them from time to time so that they could be well-versed in their respective tasks over time.


ERP has established itself as the most useful modern business solution of today. By implementing it properly and providing ERP Software Training & Support in Dubai to all your staff to use it effortlessly, you can experience wonders in almost all ears of your business. Don’t get discouraged if it takes you a while to train your staff in ERP implementation. Be patient until you start to enjoy the full potential of the ERP implementation.