Must-Have Inventory Management Software Features

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For any business that sells or manufactures products, inventory management is crucial. Running out of stock during the production phase can cost you a heck amount of money. So, you need to have a proper Inventory Management Software UAE in place to help you pull out details about your available inventories at any given point in time. Gone are the days when you had to maintain records of your inventories manually. Today, there are automated and innovative inventory management solutions to choose from.


With the help of brilliantly developed Inventory Management Software UAE, you can have all the different functions of it – sales, purchases, stock management, shipment tracking, product barcode scanning, and stock level assessment – handy at your fingertip. This will enable you to run your business more efficiently, and tension-free.


If you haven’t yet switched to a modern inventory management tool, it is high time you did it. When you make the switch, make sure you choose a solution that will be helpful for you in the long run. For that, you need to ensure the following features in it.

Tracking of Inventory

The most basic feature that your inventory management system should have is the option to track the current status of the inventory. As each inventory is labelled with a unique barcode, it is easier for companies now to scan their inventories and have their real-time update.

Auto - Alert When Inventory Runs Out

This feature would alert the stakeholders when the inventory runs out of stock. So, practically, this would save them from having to manually take count of the stock. It will be possible for the business owners to configure the settings of the software in such a manner that stock alerts can be either received via SMS on mobile or email.

Option to Integrate with Other Applications

If you are a big company, you may be already using a series of productivity tools and software solutions for your business. For instance, human resource management software for employee management, ERP, payroll management etc. It would be an added advantage if you could integrate them with the inventory management tool as well as that you don’t have to waste a lot of time hovering over each solution.

Centralized Inventory Management

It is essential to choose an inventory management solution that allows you to toggle with all different functions easily and from a centralized system. For instance, you may want to go through the purchase history and then quickly switch to the interface of the stock level. In a system where you have a centralized system, you can quickly and easily switch between all these different modules. So, make sure that your inventory management software would let you access multiple functions effortlessly.

Report Generating

The periodical report analysis is imperative to run a business successfully. In the case of a manufacturing unit, you need to assess the flow of inventory from time to time. To do that effortlessly, you need to have a system that allows you to generate reports based on the time frame you set. When the tool itself can generate a report for your assessment, there will be minimal chances for any human errors.

Mobile Compatibility

According to some reports, more than 70% of people today access internet services via their smartphones. Therefore, there is no point in forcing your employees to access your productivity suite like inventory management on computers. Rather, they should be allowed to access it on their mobile phone or tablet or laptop. Hence, while choosing the inventory management software, be sure to confirm that it has compatibility across all platforms and devices.

Security and Privacy

Data breaches and security loopholes are the biggest threats to businesses switching to cloud-based solutions. When you adopt an inventory management system for your business, it is quite necessary to cherry-pick a product that has zero tolerance for security threats. Even if the software solution would cost you higher and might seem more expensive when compared with competitor products, you must only rely on a tightly secure software solution.

Data Backup

Data backup options with inventory management solutions are meant to help users save backups of their data on a daily basis or at whatever intervals they wish to set it to. If your data has been backed up, you will not have to worry in case you lose all your data from a security failure.

Cloud Integration

During the pandemic, most businesses had to function remotely. During this period, cloud-based software applications gained popularity as compared to conventional types of software applications. Cloud integration has become the norm today. If you are thinking about incorporating an inventory management solution for your business now, make sure your system offers cloud integration. 


By carefully studying the above features and ensuring them in your Inventory Management Software UAE, you can have better results with its incorporation. Never haste to choose any cheap inventory management system on the market. Always make your selection after carefully studying all aspects regarding it.