A Handy Guide Regarding ERP Maintenance & Support in Dubai

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Just like you need to do regular workouts to keep your body fit, it is necessary to run frequent maintenance and check-ups of your ERP to ensure that it runs smoothly over time. Once you implement ERP for a business, you will rely on it for all the major functions in your organization. You can’t afford to have it malfunction. 


With the best ERP support and maintenance in Dubai at your disposal, you can have maximum reliance on it. Besides choosing a reliable ERP for your business, keep an eye out for the following factors to ensure you don’t run into any trouble.

Keep your ERP updated

To save you from any technical glitches and to provide you with a smooth working experience, your ERP provider may release updates from time to time. Make sure that you are running the latest version of the update on your ERP so that it won’t run into any unexpected problems. 

Gather feedback from employees

Your employees who are using the core features of the ERP are the best people to probe whether the ERP is working as expected or not. More often than not, glitches happen with core functions. The earlier you identify them, the better it is. 

Analyze all modules

Even if the glitch is with just one segment of the ERP, it would have a wider impact on other modules. So, have regular verification with all your departments regarding problems with modules or glitches and get them fixed. Soon after you implement your EPR, keep a closer watch on its performance and impact on your business operation for a fixed period of time and analyze the pattern. Keep that pattern as your reference point for future validations to decide whether you need to call in the ERP maintenance and support in Dubai.