Why Should You Switch to a Modern Kitchen Display System?

kds kitchen display system

Modern technologies have significantly improved the way restaurants work. In a modern restaurant, customers are not doomed to sit at their tables waiting impatiently for ages to get their orders delivered. For a restaurant, one of the biggest challenges is serving their customers on time with their completed orders. What technology makes that possible? Well, one that can work wonders in this context is nothing but the Kitchen Display System for Restaurants in UAE.


When you enter a restaurant, your priority is to place an order for your favorite dish. Normally, in a conventional system, a waiter or waitress will come to you, take note of your orders and share them with the chef in the kitchen specifying the table number. With the Kitchen Display System for Restaurants in UAE, there is so such a relaying process. Your order is instantly displayed on the KDS placed in the kitchen. The chefs will look at it and start preparing your order straight away. 


Kitchen Display System for Restaurants in Dubai has been one of the major talks of the town recently. It is gaining traction among restaurant businesses all over the world. No matter how big or small your restaurant is, there are KDS that fits and suits your requirements.


As there are no human waiters involved, no paper or pen is used in the order-taking process. As a result, there is no room for any human mistakes such as a wrong item being served to a customer. A growing number of reputed restaurants across the world are switching to advanced Kitchen Display System for Restaurants in Dubai. According to restaurants that already use them, automation of order taking is not the only reason for them to switch to KDS. There are other advantages too, which are discussed below.

Order Sorting and Displaying

Imagine that your restaurant has 10 tables. People from three tables order pizzas, desserts from two other tables, and sandwiches from the other five tables. How is the Kitching displaying system going to present it to the chef in the kitchen? It will display the total number of pizzas, sandwiches, and desserts that need to be served with their respective table ID. This will make it easier for the chef to process multiple orders simultaneously.

Section Based Display

If your restaurant has multiple sections, for instance, a grill, fryer, etc., you can set the kitchen display system to only show the relevant information on the screen in each section. This way, there is no confusion among the staff working in each section or department.

Displaying Addition Information

Sometimes, certain customers would ask for slight customization in the flavors of their dishes. For instance, a BP patient may want his dish to be less salty. When the waiters take up the order, this additional information can be updated in the KDS kitchen display system. Based on that information, the chef or the kitchen staff can prepare the dish. Additionally, KDS can display the recipe or list of ingredients that the main chef wants the kitchen staff to follow during the preparation of particular food items.

Possible to Integrate with the POS

If you are using any modern Point of Sale (POS) devices at your restaurant, most probably, you would be able to use them in integration with your KDS. This is a great way to use KDS more efficiently

Other Benefits

We have seen how KDS can simplify the process of passing orders from customers to the chef or kitchen staff in a restaurant. Besides those most obvious advantages, Kitchen Display System for Restaurants in UAE promise to offer a slew of indirect features too. Here is a look at some of them.


  • It helps you keep track of your restaurant’s inventory. 
  • It enables you to maintain records of your crucial data and updates with accuracy
  • You can use your KDS to train your staff. Images and videos can be played through KDS for quick training sessions without having to set up a projector. 
  • KDS allows your kitchen staff to work more independently as they don’t have to interact with anyone else while preparing the orders. This improves their focus and productivity
  • KDS is eco-friendly. By switching to a kitchen display system from conventional order taking through paper, you can reduce paper wastage and thus reduce the carbon emission to nature.
  • If you are a restaurant start-up, you have to work with minimal staff to function profitably. In this context, KDS comes to your rescue because it can help you cut labor costs significantly.


KDS kitchen display system has become a trend among restaurants globally. Considering the myriad of benefits it offers, it is highly worth investing your money in.